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Meet the SND Kidmin Podcast Team....

Randy Mocaby, Host/Creator SND

Active in Kid Ministry since 1989.

Served in 6 churches in IL, NC and WV building and directing Sunday School and Kids Church programs, material, props, etc.  Traveled throughout most of Eastern US as full-time Children's Evangelist, Camps, VBS.

Currently based out of Morgantown, WV as Kids Director,

Konnex Kid Mission.

Contact Randy:

Putting a face to the voices you hear.

WARNING! Some faces may be pretty alarming ...

a couple are pretty and the others are alarming.

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SNDpro travis.PNG

Travis Johnson, Co-Host, Podjinks Host

Co-Director of Konnex Kid Mission.

Born and raised in Morgantown, WV. Travis began attending church regularly as an early teen and started volunteering in media shortly after. He married Alexa in 2014. Real person, not a robot. After working with media for almost 15 years, he transitioned to Kidmin. 

SNDpro alexa.PNG

Alexa Johnson

Co-Director of Konnex Kid Mission.

Born and raised in Morgantown, WV.  Beginning in 2008 as a volunteer for Sunday School, she taught Wednesday night kids classes for about 10 years with her husband, Travis.

She has a Masters degree in Elementary Education and has been a public school teacher since 2015.

SNDpro taylor.PNG

Taylor Benge

I have been involved in kid ministry for as long as I can remember. Growing up, my dad(Randy Mocaby) was always in charge of kids church so I was always there to help. When he started traveling as a kids evangelist, I went with him as much as I could. I  helped him with setting and tearing down the stage set, selling merch, getting the "econo band" ready and coming up with new action songs. I have taught how to create worship action songs in workshops and now I am over them at our church. I'm also in the rotation for teaching lessons, doing games, taking offering and other various jobs in our Konnex kids church. On Wednesdays I help take care of our toddlers in the "Konnect the Tots" class.

I've been enjoying living as a new mother since December 2018.

SNDpro justin.PNG

Justin Benge

After getting saved and being filled with the holy ghost in 2010, I became very involved in Aberdeen, NC which includes helping rebuild the youth program there and playing the drums for the church. Few years later in 2013, I got engaged and signed the dotted line to join the U.S. Navy, and then shortly after graduating from Basic Training, I married my Wife, Taylor Benge. Due to being gone a lot, I was anxious to jump back in the game. I moved to Morgantown, WV and got directly involved with Konnex Kidmin as the Co-Tech/Video/Sound guy.

SNDpro jared.PNG

Jared "The Epic" Henry

Grew up in church as a Pastor’s kid. The older I got the more involved I became. Along with my mom and brother, we lead what the kid ministry was called then, Kidzone. Eventually re-located to The River Church. Currently serving as the Youth Minister at The River. My wife and I live on campus serving as the church janitor.  A Kidmin VBS Volunteer and pretty much whatever Gotham needs me to be. 


SND (Sticks 'N Dirt) is a podcast made for Kidmin people...people who love kid ministry!

First thing you need to know about us:

- SND is a Kidmin TEAM.  We are creative.

- We are different than most Kidmin podcast shows ... by that, the SND format contains very practical conversations without disregard to the spiritual application, which is always the first order of business in each episode.  

- SND Kidmin talk includes comical and corny aspects from sound effects to kid jokes and even common/casual discussions toward the end.

- We are not from a 'Mega-Church'.  Small budgets are a thing .. we get it.

- This Kidmin Team or SND is not paid.  Everything we produce thus far is voluntary.  We are like most of you out there already; juggling a job while giving as much of your valuable time to your kids ministry.

- None of us can gloat a high degree in Christian Education or Theology ... sorry if that disqualifies us, however ...

- What we DO have -- is experience and passion.  Some of us have over 25 years in kid ministry and evangelism while others are fairly new at it.  We all love this journey.


Our content will be directed to issues, experiences and experiments associated with children's ministry with some casual conversation input and humor along the way.

Relax,  Enjoy, and Feed Your Creativity.


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