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Oops, I spilled it again ...

If you are expecting to get new object lesson ideas and puppet scripts, you are not on the right webpage.


Yes, this is a kidmin resource site.  However not the typical resource for hands-on material.  


I am sharing my thoughts, rants, discontent, victories, struggles, failures, accomplishments and positive experiences from a lifetime of kid ministry.  

*Beginning in 1989 ...

*Full-time children's evangelist traveling the country from Seattle, WA, New York, Canada and to the tip of Texas at the Mexico border providing services for camps, VBS, revival services and community shows.  

*Lived in Illinois, North Carolina and West Virginia, I served as children's minister under 7 pastors.  While maintaining local children's church programs within those churches, serving as a district Sunday School secretary.

*Created curriculum, props, VBS, plays, fundraisers, this website and my own coffee :)

*Currently retain Children's Pastor in my local church in Morgantown, WV,
kidmin podcast producer and writer for Sunday School curriculum in St. Louis, MO

I have not seen it all nor do I claim to know it all.  

Experience has been my teacher, my only source of knowledge and I didn't get it for free. 


This mini-series of vlogs does not contain highly scripted narratives but pretty much impromptu thoughts.  I don't waste time writing up the content.  When a topic comes to mind, I start recording and you get all my gaffs, stuttering and bad grammar.

I share a lot of my inner thoughts, struggles, short-comings, experiences, adventures and I will brag on some accomplishments.


You may not agree with everything I will say.  I'm not going to argue over that, I couldn't blame you.

I simply feel that someone out there needs to know the fact that there are
other kidmin's out here that don't have a mega kids church, salary, elaborate platform accompanied by a professional media team trailing with a flawless social media presence containing numerous likes and followers.


I spill it all out here.  Well, most of it.  I'm human like you are.  Kid ministry is nothing to sneeze at.  I carry myself gingerly in front of the children while becoming aggressively honest to you about a few things.


My vocal content is not polished here.  I'm sharing as much as I feel I can, from the ministry clothing I wear to what I may be battling within my heart even to this day.

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