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"DISCOVERY - Unlocking the Mystery of God" was a Christian based 4-day Vacation Bible Schoo program for children that was produced by Randy Mocaby.  This is a DOCTOR WHO parallel themed program which contains a LEGO brickfilm short mini-series; 4 videos that serve as the main event.  One video lesson/story per day of the event.

The topic of the curriculum is to establish who God is in regards to how he has revealed Himself to man along with His purpose to rescue any soul desiring His hand.

The event included 4 days worth of:  Crafts, Games, Bible Lessons & Snacks for class sessions.  

The Brick Film:

These 4 videos are made with LEGO (stop-motion animation).  Doctor I. Am (The Great I Am), takes Emily Pond and Captain J on a time travel journey in order to share historical times in which He revealed himself to mankind in order to create an opportunity of salvation to whomsoever will.  However, going back in time can be risky.  The Doctor's friends and mechanical side-kick K9, find out that saving souls is not always as easy as it looks especially when the enemy finds them in their travels and attempt to mess up the timeline in Biblical history!

Watch as they travel to visit Moses at the burning bush, the highlight of the 1980's and two other eras.  

It's all about knowing who God is and your kids making that connection!






VBS Promo Poster
Here is what the promotional "movie sized" poster.

© 2018 Doctor I.Am created by Randy Mocaby

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VBS Promo Trailer
Meet the Cast of the LEGO Brick Film
Doctor I. Am
"The Great I Am"
Emily Pond
Time And Relative Direction Against Sin
Cyber Soul
Captain J
Weeping Soul

Here's a small video clip of the LEGO TARDAS in a vortex created for the brick films:

Brick Film clip.  No voice over/audio.  Filmed off the laptop.


... the video has a watermark.  "UGH!", you might say.  We know how that feels.  The benefit is, you get to watch the entire brickfilm in its entirety before deciding if you want the video without the watermark.  The other benefit is, it's only a $20 donation via Paypal.  Please apply your email address in which we will share the DROPBOX link for you to download the movie.

Now sit back and enjoy the full preview!

If you want the unmarked version, here is your Paypal button to complete your order:



Minimum $20 donation required.

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Whovians know that the original acronym of the big blue box is Time And Relative Dimension In Space.  However for the Christian parallel, the meaning changes to: Time And Relevant Direction Against Sin.

So... no need to worry.... it's not a typo ;)


TARDIS.  HOW IT WAS BUILT.                                    builder chris gillespie

60 volunteer hours by one man and almost $700 in material and accessories to build this TARDIS for VBS DISCOVERY.  It was the showcase prop.

📍This is a custom built TARDIS prop that was professionally made for VBS DISCOVERY.

📍4’ square at base.  Bottom to top of light, 8’-7” tall.  Built very close to spec of one of the originals.

📍Due to its size, it was designed/built to disassemble for easy transport; namely for our character appearances.

📍Standard wall plug for blue beacon.

📍Plexiglass white tinted windows.

📍Right door panel opens in-swing.

📍Left door is stationary.

📍Metal sign on left door panel.

📍No windows on back panel.

📍Nothing on the inside….

The builder is available to perform custom work on the inside: build shelves, closet, etc. for additional cost pending your needs.

📍TARDIS is very sturdy! 

📍Quality lumber and over 60 hours of man-time was invested in this.  These units are not made very often at all, especially one that disassembles like this.  Pay attention to the details on the construction of each piece.  This was not ‘slapped together’ from a pre-manufactured kit.

📍This TARDIS was transported 5 times for special appearances here in Morgantown which promoted the VBS event.  It is currently disassembled and in storage awaiting a buyer for its new home.


This TARDIS was sold to a DOCTOR WHO fan in Pittsburgh and now resides inside her home.


“The universe is big. It’s vast and complicated and ridiculous. And sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen and we call them miracles.”

Watch all 4 episodes now.

You can get the full unmarked version right above the movie frame where the Paypal button is.


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